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Special expertise for the transition to motherhood

The magical experience of childbirth is a major milestone in your life, marking the end of one stage and the beginning of another. You can depend on Dr. Coffman for complete prenatal care, support and reassurance to help you have a healthy and a happy pregnancy. He has the experience and the resources — including 4-D ultrasound — to monitor your health and keep your condition stable right up to your delivery date. Dr. Coffman has hospital privileges at all local hospitals; he has delivered thousands of bundles of joy to families in and around West Monroe.

4-D Ultrasound

Enjoy the Excitement of Seeing Your Baby's Facial Features... Before Birth!

Unlike typical sonograms, which look more like flat shapes and shadows, a 4D ultrasound provides a 3-dimensional picture in real time, showing your baby moving and even his or her facial features! You can get an excellent idea of what your baby looks like long before birth.

Unfortunately, most insurance plans limit the number of ultrasound examinations they will cover. That is why we offer this service to patients at affordable pricing! A single 4D ultrasound session is only $149, and additional sessions are only $99 each.

These ultrasound sessions are performed by our licensed medical staff for reassurance and documentation of your baby’s growth. These exams are not intended to be diagnostic. Seek physician advice for any concerns, and then call (318) 387-3113 to schedule an appointment.

The Consultation is Free

A radiant, more youthful you is just a phone call away. At Center for Woman's Health, Leslie Coffman, M.D., Barbar N. Zeagler, APRN, and Crystal Sanches, APRN want to keep your skin at its healthy best, and help you find the confidence with the body you've always wanted. Indulge yourself in the latest skincare procedures. Call to schedule your free cosmetic consultation, and see how these simple procedures can improve your appearance and your self-confidence.

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